Hello, here are some doughy little things I wrote a while ago.

My name’s Julia and I’ve been a few things in my life. A designer, then a baker, now a food writer (but I’m also still sort of a baker).  This doughy little blog, named after the darling of the bread world, started life attached to a micro-bakery that I ran between 2014 - 2021, The Bread Companion. Though I closed the bakery in 2021, I decided to move these blog posts from TBC’s website to SubStack so that some of the words that I’ve written can all hang out together.

In case you are not British, The Bap takes its name from the British slang word for a bread roll (\ ˈbap \ : Definition of bap — British: a small bun or roll). I know I also need to mention the fact that ‘baps’ are also a slang word for tits, but I’m not sure how to be classy about it, so I’m just going to end it here.

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Julia Georgallis

Julia is a baker and food writer who went to art school. Based in London. Produces the 'How to eat alone' podcast.